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Fall for you-"Or I won't live to see another day" "You're impossible to find"

I will follow you into the dark-I could just like picture this song on like the New Moon trailer like Bellas running toward the clock tower in slow-mow.

When it all falls apart-It reminds me of when Edward leaves in New Moon

Goodbye-It reminds me of how Bella was like falling apart in New Moon. Also (argh) it reminds me of Jacob and Bella kind of in New Moon

A Thousand Miles-When Bella's in Volterra "cuz everythings so wrong and I don't belong living in your precious memories" like how Bella thinks she doesn't deserve Edward actually didn't luv her anymore.

Hallelujah-Got nothing but time on our hands, we will make it last forver, yeah, I look at that in a really literal way.

Seventeen Forever-"You won't be 17 forever" "You're wise beyond your years"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roberts abs.

Okay, so remember in Twilight how, unlike Kellan and Cam, Rob had, like, NO abs. Well now he has a FREAKING EIGHT PACK. Why am I talking about this. Because Lainey Gossip has just provided us with the most FREAKING AWESOME SETPICTURES EVUR! They include Edward about to step into the sun, Bella jumping into a fountain in a desperate attempt to save Edward (? random I know) and, what we never got in the book. Edward and Bella kiss when they're finally reunited! WOOOOOOOO! Also, Bella's hair is like REALLY LONG but she is wearing some Bella-esque clothes. The poster is just weird. So here they are, the set photos. ENJOY!


P.S. Those dots on his face are just added for digital enhancement.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

FIRST NEW MOON STILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Entertainment weekly has released their 1,049th issue. And within that isuue is the VERY FIRST New Moon MOVIE STILLS! As you see our first still is Chris Weitz directing Kristen during the bloody birthday scene so I don't think this really count as a movie still, it's more like a set picture. Asd as you can see Bella is not wearing what she wore in the book, obviously Alice had a little more say in her outfit in the movie.

'Happy birthday, Bella! In this EW exclusive photo, the movie's newly 18-year-old heroine has been thrown against a rose-covered table by her beloved, Edward. Readers will know his intentions were honorable: He was trying to protect Bella (and her paper cut!) from the vampire Jasper. ''The whole cast is reading the book and wanting to get it right,'' says Weitz (center, with Stewart, assistant director Mike Topoozian, and makeup artist Robin Mathews). ''They want to deliver on the promise these books make to the readers.'' '

Our next photo is, to say the least, FREAKING AMAZING! This is when Bella visits the meadow, Laurent trys to kill her and Bella is stupid enough not to realize that the pack of wolves is Jake and the gang. Edi looks really scary...

''I'm telling Bella not to be fearful of death. It's inevitable and painless,'' says Edi Gathegi, who returns in New Moon as the somewhat mysterious vampire Laurent, in this EW exclusive photo. ''He was bad in Twilight, but still had some compassion. Let's just say he's not conflicted anymore.''

Our last photo is Bella and Edward kissing but i'm not exactly sure which point in the movie this is. She could be hallucinating.

'One of director Weitz's creative challenges is Edward's long absence in the novel: ''Rob was the first guy to say to me, 'You know, you don't really need to have too much of me in this film.' I don't want him too present, so his apparition will be a subtle, flitting effect — clearly a reflection of Bella's will and desire to see him.'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay, first off, Robert has revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that BREAKING DAWN WILL BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!

"CANNES -- Robert Pattinson, who shot to stardom in "Twilight" and is now filming the second and third movies in the franchise, confirmed Tuesday in Cannes that there will be a fourth installment of the vampire franchise based on the book "Breaking Dawn."

Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is committed to starring in the final outing to date but doesn't know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor's jam-packed shooting schedule."

So this beggs the question:
RENESMEE? So unless by 2011 we have some fickin' awesome CGI then this could be complicated. Obviously Melissa Rosenburg wouldn't be stupid enough to take her out, because this pretty much destroys the entire plot. I don't know, we'll see.

Then there is Nessie's birth. I don't see how they can keep this scene PG-13. Honestly, it's gonna be complicated, it's not like it's gonna stop me from seeing the movie, I'm just saying that this isn't gonna help with ,arketing or anything in Twilight's favor.

Now, some more exciting news. If you saw, the new picture is the NEW MOON POSTER! And I love it! Except for one thing. Look at Bella in Twilight and look at her there. I mean, we've all seen the E! sneak peek, and seen that she hasnt changed that much, but this poster worries me.

A movie poster is supposed to encompass the overall look of the movie, and I think the Twilight poster did that. If this is the case with this poster then Bells looks ALL WRONG.

Look at her, she's wearing make up, she's wearing cool clothes, her hair is straightened, and she doesn't look plain-jane like she's supposed to! Also, a suggestion to Summitt Entertainment. You kinda just spoiled the movie for everyone who doesn't read the books, I would've suggested like Bella and Edward together and Jake like standing in the background.

I totally wanna have a Kaleb Nation moment right now and put in, like, a really cool picture, but sadly this computer doesn't have photoshop and I don't know how to use photo shop AND the formatting on blogger doesn't work for that.

Next peice of news.

If you are a dedicated MTV watcher like me, then you'll know that the MTV movie awards is on the 31st of May (WOO! Andy Samberg is AMAZING!). You'll also know that TWILIGHT has been nominated in many categories. But that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the fact that like LAST YEARS MTV Movie Awards were we got our first taste of "Twilight" with the first clip of the Ballet Studio scene, we will ALSO be getting our first look at New Moon and I. AM. SO. FRICKIN'. EXCITED.

If it's the break-up I'm gonna shoot someone.

The scripts already online! I mean seriously! Don't spoil it for us anymore. I guarantee you, it's gonna be her birthday. It makes complete sense. It's the most climactic scene in the movie there is that doesn't completely spoil the story.

But if it is the break-up, you know I'll watch it.It's just to tempting. And I'll also be keeping a very close eye on Bella's clothes.

Last piece of news, Rob's 23rd birthday was on the 13th and Nikki's 21st was on the 17th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!

Here's link to Lainey Gossips article on Robs birthday bash!


Hugs, Kisses and Rosalie Hisses

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